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When it comes to high quality loft conversions in London, nobody beats GBC London Ltd. for superb service and trusted results, every time. From two-story loft conversions to a dormer loft conversion, we take care to do what our clients want, and make the entire process stress free. Some loft conversions require planning permission, and with different council rules changing all the time, homeowners are not always aware of what permissions are required.

At GBC, we have in-house experts who are on hand to help arrange all documents, planning permits, and any attendant issues that need to be dealt with to allow and start your loft work. Renovation rights are not always straight forward, so having our team to help you navigate these processes is just one more reason to choose us.

Nobody wants issues when work has already been started, so let us take care of all your conversion paperwork, giving you peace of mind before, during and on completion of your project. For advice, professional guidance, and to get your loft extension project up and running, contact GBC today, we will get everything sorted.

Popular types of loft conversion in London

dormer loft conversion

As many people may already know, getting a dormer loft conversion on your London home involves putting an extension on your existing roof. This can take the form of a vertically protruding hollow, or vertical walls reaching up to a horizontal roof. Whichever way you go, we can use our dormer loft expertise to create a stunning new space for your home, with flexible options for usage and practical considerations. As well as all this, a dormer loft conversion can help add value to your home.

l-shaped loft conversion

Unlike some small loft conversions in London, an L-shaped conversion is very popular for homeowners who live in terraced homes, with the added advantage that a planning permit is not always required for this type of extension. As well as creating a new space to use as a bedroom, a home office, or a study, it can give you other options as well as adding to your property value should you sell it on. An L-Shaped loft conversion is a great choice for semi-detached terraces, a transformative new space for you and your family.

mansard loft conversion

Situated at the rear of a property, a mansard is a wonderful option for people looking for a spacious and light loft extension on their London home. The characteristics of these extensions include a piece of flat roofing and a miter, good for open bedrooms. It is important to note that this is one of the loft extensions that requires a planning permit, something we are always happy to help arrange and get signed off for our customers. One of the best conversions available, a mansard delivers.

velux loft conversion

When it comes to loft conversions on London homes, the Velux loft is a genuinely great choice. Cost-effective and designed to deliver maximum light, these extensions do not usually require planning permission, so are easy to arrange. With this kind of loft, the roof structure does not need to be changed, as sloping windows are added to let natural light flood into your new space. This kind of open, light, area space makes a Velux loft conversion a stunning choice.

what does a loft conversion add to your home

When you are considering loft extension for your London home, it is not just about the great new space we can create for you and your family. As we know, due to our many years of invaluable industry experience, as well as the space, loft can add genuine value and sales potential to your home. Additionally, for those who want to totally transform the exterior of their property, the addition of a terrace or patio can also add both livability and value. There are many things that a loft conversion in London can add to your home, but space and value are two of the most tangible and, ultimately, beneficial to you and your investment.

From creating a new family entertainment space, to adding a bedroom that can be used for growing families, making your home more usable for you also makes it more attractive to potential buyers, important in a completive market. Whether a small loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion, a London extension adds space, value, style, and flexibility, so contact us to discuss your options and let us help you find out everything that a loft conversion can add to your property.

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