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With years of industry experience as listed buildings specialists in London, GBC is the team you can trust for all your historic buildings work in the capital. From stunning historic civic buildings to important historic monuments, our listed buildings contractors in London have experience in restoring structures to their former glory, ensuring these historic buildings remain as glorious as ever for many more years. We know the importance of doing renovation work in historic London, which is why we take our time, and only ever use the finest techniques and materials on all listed buildings.

How do we care about listed buildings?


Doing listed building rebuild work in London, from small jobs to full scale renovation work, is something we care about, and something we do well. Our renovation team does meticulous, focused, and attention to detail work that brings old buildings in poor condition back to their former glory.


Securing buildings that require renovation is an important part of our work. Our listed buildings specialists across London are on hand to ensure the safety and security of old buildings, always keeping things safe and ensuring historic structures are safe for all the necessary renovation work.


We have an experienced, professional team of listed building contractors in London that are experts in rebuilding old, damaged, historic buildings and monuments. Paying attention to detail and aiming for restoration and renovation perfection, our listed building specialists deliver rebuild work, that is our company guarantee.

Licensed and experienced

When it comes to listing building specialists in London, we are licensed and experienced, giving peace of mind to all our clients that our work is professional and legally insured. Our professional accreditations make us a trusted name in listed buildings renovation work and monument restoration, making us one of the specialist companies anywhere in London.

Contact us today to secure the services of licensed and experienced listed building contractors and monument restoration professionals, and the finest specialists in the business.

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