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When it comes to quality, transformative home extensions in London, GBC London Ltd. is the company that continues to deliver the results clients want. For many people, living in an older, character and feature filled home is a wonderful experience, but sometimes, a little more space becomes essential.

For us, whether it is a kitchen extension on a London townhouse or a rear extension on a terraced property, our job is to add space, create a new feel and practicality for homes, and ensure that people can continue to live in their home but with much more space to enjoy.

From a new bedroom for a growing teenager, to a new kitchen to create an entertainment hub and dining are for your property, our extensions service can rejuvenate older properties and bring the space right up to date, taking your home to a whole new level.

Our step by step of house extension work


Our home extensions team in London will come to your property for an on-site assessment, allowing us to work out what you need. From a kitchen extension to a rear extension, we will advise what we can do, discuss what you want us to achieve, and take precise measurements.

planning permission

Our years of industry experience building house extensions across London mean we can help arrange, secure, and finalize planning permits for your new extension. From initial application to the sign off, we will do the paperwork before any work is started.


Whether it is a kitchen, a rear, or a large-scale home extension on your London property, getting the design right is crucial. That is why we work closely with our clients to ensure their personal design tastes are reflect in all our extensions.


When all the permits are in place, measurements done, and design finalized, our house extensions team in London will get to work quickly and efficiently, keeping to our schedule and keeping you up to date with all our progress, without exception.

Types of house extensions


A popular choice for home extensions on London properties, a single-story extension is usually located on the ground floor, and frequently positioned to face the garden, bringing the outside in and creating a light airy space in the center of your home. Whether it is a new kitchen extension or a rear extension, a single-story change can transform your home and deliver a great new space, just what you may need.


Another of our popular house extensions in London, a double story extension allows people to create new spaces on the ground and first floors of their property. Combinations such as a new kitchen plus a rear extension give more space, flexible living options, and can totally transform a home, adding property value at the same time. Our team will ensure that all two-story extension fit with the style and look of your existing property aesthetics.


Many of our projects in London include a single-story extension known as a wrap around. There are many advantages to this kind of extension, including the creation of very large new spaces, which are ideal for those who want an open kitchen extension, many including stunning bifold doors and windows to bring the garden indoors and make a true indoor-outdoor connection, something our customers love time and time again.


Of all the extensions our extension builders do on London properties, side extensions are often the smallest but still have a great impact. Often done on Victorian properties, they can extend towards driveways to create an expansive feeling that is greater than the actual size of the extension. As well as our kitchen extensions and rear extensions, a side extension really can transform your home and bring space and light to an older property in need of some updating.

Personalized design for house extension

When it comes to house extensions, personalized style, bespoke design, and individual preferences define and guide the work we do. Our team of extension builders in London will always work towards the design that our clients have specified, creating the ideal space, every time.

From bespoke kitchen extensions to stunning L-shaped extensions on London terraces, each project is unique, and we will ensure that all the personalizing elements are included and delivered. We know how important extensions are to every homeowner, from the cost to the overall value in terms of living space, which is why we guarantee that your personalized design will form the blueprint of your project, which we will only ever sign off on when you are fully satisfied with the results.

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