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Architectural design & calculations

With a team of architectural design experts in London, we can create and deliver professional extension projects that set industry standards. We see each client as unique, each of our building design projects as individual, and all our work as adaptable to the personal requirements of each homeowner. When it comes to construction design, our team takes everything into careful consideration, from the layout of the surrounding area, critical structural calculations, and the all-important budget that each of our clients needs us to work within.

In terms of architectural and building design, a wealth of style and structural possibilities mean that our professional team can work towards exact specifications, delivering the kind of bespoke results that our clients have come to expect and deserve. Using our years of industry expertise in building services design across London, we will carefully craft the building you want, paying attention to every detail and ensuring that all elements are perfected and completed as per our client wishes, every time.

Elements of our design

architectural design

For all our architectural design projects in London, we use ideas to formulate what clients want, and adjust those ideas to suit the personal preferences of each individual client. Building design is never going to be a one size fits all process, which is why we treat each project as unique, using professional structural calculations to ensure that all our architectural design is both structurally sound as well as aesthetically perfect. Without exception, we use our expertise to deliver projects of the highest standards, with full client satisfaction as our minimum requirement.

structural calculations

Using the most efficient, professional, and proven techniques, we do a full range of structural calculations on all our London projects. From materials to ground considerations, we discover and collate all the technical and strength data needed for our work, ensuring that our building design is both structurally sound as well as stunning in terms of aesthetics. A critical part of any building project, structural calculations are something our team takes seriously, with a focus on safety always.

support with applications

When our clients need it, we can help sort out and secure any applications needed or associated with our architectural design work in London. Our building design services include all the assistance you will need to ensure that all construction control permits, and regulatory paperwork is secured and finalized before any work begins, making your application stress free and done by our professionals. For support with every part of your construction design applications, contact our team to get things sorted quickly and efficiently.

Universal projects and bespoke plans

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When it comes to stunning, bespoke architectural design in London, GBC London is the company setting industry standards. With years of experience guiding us and proven expertise in-house, our building services design work is second to none, with a full team able to do proposals from start to finish, with a focus on the requirements of each client.

As our portfolio of project attests, we are here to provide tailor made, unique project work and plans that include individual construction design, all necessary structural calculations, as well as first class architectural design that we work closely with each client to finalize. Planning any building project is done in stages, and at GBC, we take time over each element of your architectural design process, giving you our professional guarantee on quality as well as peace of mind that your building design will reflect what you want and need. Whether you want a large, opulent, statement making architectural design or a smaller but equally bespoke building construction design in London, we are here to create unique plans designed to deliver bespoke results.

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